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Hi Dr.,
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DSN> How do you connect more than one POP and SMTP through GPGrelay?

Each POP port and SMTP port must have a unique port number that
matches what you have configured in your email client.

DSN> According to the GPGrelay web site on installation, I should change
DSN> the port 32025 to 33025 when I add another SMTP and the port 32110 to
DSN> 33110. This should enable another email connection through GPGrelay on
DSN> Windows XP.

acct# smtp  pop3
1    32025  32110
2    33025  33025

These ports must match what's in you mail client. So for account 1,
the pop port in the mail client would be 32110 which would match the
pop port in GPGrelay then the remote port in GPGrelay would be 110
which is the normal pop port.

I'm not sure how high the port numbers can go. I tend to use lower
numbers and it works fine for me.


So the inbound POP data from your ISP would be:

==>Incoming mail==>GPGR port in 110/GPGR port out 6110==>
   Eudora port in 6110

For outbound smtp mail:

Eudora smtp port 625==>GPGR port in 625/GPGR port out 25==>ISP

If you have a second account it must have different port numbers
assigned and not match the 6110/625 used above.

The "Remote Port" field in GPGR's Relay Configuration Screen for POP and
SMTP should be 110/25 as these can be shared and be the same for each
account. The Local Port field must be unique and different for each

Pardon the lousy schematic. I'm no artist. Hopefully, you'll get the

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