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I am a new user of GnuPG and seem to be having trouble configuring
GPGrelay to work with 2 email accounts.

I have current editions of GnuPG, GPGshell and GPGrelay.
My operating system is Windows XP
I use OE latest version for the GPGrelay

I am trying to configure two email addresses surgeon at
and the present one to work with GPGrelay

When I try to configure the second SMTP and POP with GPGrelay, I get a
message saying the port is already taken

According to the GPGrelay web site on installation, I should change
the port 32025 to 33025 when I add another SMTP and the port 32110 to
33110. This should enable another email connection through GPGrelay on
Windows XP.

The problem is that the GPGrelay says that the 32025 port is already
taken when I add another SMTP. It also says the port 32110 is already
taken when I try to add another POP3.

Unfortunately, when I do this, OE says that it is unable to connect
with 33025 and also 33110 ports.

I have tried this a dozen times by now.

How do you connect more than one POP and SMTP through GPGrelay?


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Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (MingW32)

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