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If a key is being used, with a passphrase known to somebody that left 
the company, a new key should be generated; or the same key could be 
used after changing the passphrase (provided you know the "old" 
passphrase), revoking the person's user ID, and adding whatever new 
user ID is required.

Better generate a new key. It will not mention the user ID of the 
person who left the company, and you will be able to set a completely 
new passphrase.

If you are using PGP, set the key you want to use for signing as the 
Default Key, using the graphic interface commands.

If you are using GnuPG, you should set that key as the default key in 
your gpg.conf file:
default-key [long Key ID]


On Jul 22, 2004, at 9:17 AM, Xu, Luke wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to GNUPG/PGP and need some help. I am in the process of 
> setting
> up a ftp job with a new partner. When I tried to sign the public key
> from that partner, PGP is asking me to provide a passphrase for 
> somebody
> left the company already. Does this mean PGP is currently using this
> user's key as the primary user ID? How can I switch to use my key?
> What's the best approach to solve this problem?
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Luke Xu
> Windows Server Technologies
> FM Global
> 401.275.3000 x 1337
> Luke.Xu at
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