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On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, InHisGrip wrote:

> Thanks for the reply.

you got that part working?

> Initially, I intend to use gnupg to encrypt and sign
> or maybe just sign my emails because I wanted to make
> sure that the email gets received by the intended
> party as really coming from me.
> But I have a lot of questions in mind since I am new
> to gnupg.
> For instance,
> 1. Can I make my keys from /home/servie logged in
> root? Or shall I just logout of root and login using
> ordinary account and make myself another set of keys?

make another set of keys as user 'xyz'.

you can use "--export-secret-key {key-id}" to export secret keys, and a 
secret key be in more than one keyring. this is probably the best way for 
you to use both IDs with both users. in each users ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf just 
add a line like this:
default-key	0xD9F57808

to determine the key that that account will use as a default. if you're 
using the ~other~ key, use "-u user".

> 2. Can I just mv ~/.gnupg to /home/servie? And log in
> as user servie and be able to encrypt and sign.

most things, esp checking mail, should NOT be done as root when it can be 
avoided. you don't have to move the directory or it's contents in order to 
copy the keys.

> 3. Initially, I'd like to sign and encrypt attached
> file from my linux box and scp or ssh the file from
> this box to my windows machine in my small home
> network so that I could send an email with this
> attachment.
> Is there a better way to do this? I find that all
> gnupg experts who has emails replied to this user
> group has their email signed.

if i'm moving files between machines and i just want to make sure that 
they didn't get borked in transit, i'll check the hash on both machines.

another option is to use your linux box for email.

> I tried a windows frontend WinPT but it is hard to use
> especially with clipboard.  Is there a fast way to
> sign or encrypt emails from windows? How do you
> customize your email so that all outgoing emails get a
> begin pgp signed message and end with the gnupg users
> list below? It's really cool and nice looking. My
> account is yahoo.


i don't know anything about windoze, but if you're using gpg regularly, 
look into an MUA that can work with it. cut-n-paste is not reliable.

> And final question, any tips in sending encrypting
> files across the internet using gnupg on top of scp or
> ssh? I just need some ideas?

ssh is encrypted, so you don't need gpg to protect the connection between 
two machines. if you're concern is the file after it gets to the other 
machine, then encrypt the file and scp the encrypted file... of course, if 
you don't trust the integrity of that machine, then you shouldn't be 
entering passphrases into it.


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