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Tue Jun 8 16:06:57 CEST 2004

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On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Per Tunedal Casual wrote:

> I have an expired signature on a key. How can I refresh the signature? I
> cannot sign the key again because GPG tells me it is already signed.
> The keys expiration date has been put forward. I happened to set the
> expiration date for a signature made with an other key to the initial
> expiration date for the signed key.

"--expert" will let you sign a key that you previously signed.


since i use expiration dates on my keys, and plan to update the expiration
dates if they're still being used, i ~really~ wish the _default_ for
signing keys was "no expiration" instead of expiring with the key....
there doesn't seem to be any harm in having a valid (non-expired)
signature on an expired key.

if i *really* own my keys now, it seems safe to assume that i'll still own
them even after the current expiration date, especially if i update the
expiration date on the keys.

i just don't understand what's special about the key's expiration date
when it comes to signing: people often update the expiration of their
keys... OTOH, what if someone wants their key-signature to be valid only
until the end of the fiscal year? or the end of the mayan calender? or
until the end of a project, contract or campaign? i don't think i've ever
seen those types of key-signatures, even though they seem like better
reasons to set an expiration in a key-signature.



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