Secure deletion of files in a directory

Rainer Bendig, Digitally Impressed webmaster at
Tue Jun 15 19:14:50 CEST 2004

Albert schrieb am 15.06.2004 18:25:

 >>I'd look at "shred", but keep in mind the caveats the author
 >>gives in the man page.
 > shred doesn't work with directories and has problems with ext3 and
 > reiser. Any other ideas? Are you all returning your harddrives with
 > files on it :-)

"shred" on debian unstable works fine, i have no problems deleting
files +100MB... since months ...

that's the only way i know (if you are not using an hex-edit) to
really delete your files.

with gpg it has - in my eyes - nothing to do ...

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