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Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Tue Jun 15 19:58:11 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 15 June 2004 4:57, Per Tunedal Casual wrote:
> At 13:49 2004-06-08, you wrote:
>  >On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 10:20:48AM +0200, Per Tunedal Casual wrote:
>  >> Hi,
>  >> I have an expired signature on a key. How can I refresh the signature?
>  >> I cannot sign the key again because GPG tells me it is already signed.

I hope that this isn't covering old ground, I've been away and haven't been 
able to contribute for a few weeks.

Which version of GnuPG are you using? I thought this was fixed in v1.2.4 so 
that expired signatures can be re-done - it's not exactly a refresh because 
the expired one is still shown on keyservers etc., but a new signature is 
made so that the key can be included back into the web of trust. 

I made a signature on a friend's key before he changed his key expiry date. 
When the main key expired, so did my old signature.  He changed the expiry 
and I used GnuPG 1.2.4 to re-sign the key. Take a peek at 0x8F455606 to see 
the result.

pub  1024D/8F455606 2002-11-01
sub  2048g/AB55D8A0 2002-11-01 [expires: 2003-11-01]
sub  2048g/51A28915 2003-11-01 [expires: 2004-10-31]

The old subkey is expired, the new one is usable. (This has implications for 
the keyservers that you use too, old keyservers don't like keys like this 

In the snipped signature list, note the expired sigs (X) and the new ones.

pub  1024D/8F455606 2002-11-01
sig 3       8F455606 2003-11-01 
sig 3       8F455606 2002-11-01 
sig 3       28BCB3E3 2003-12-22   Neil Williams (CodeHelp) 
sig 3       A897FD02 2003-12-22   Neil Williams (laptop) 
sig 3     X 28BCB3E3 2003-02-03   Neil Williams (CodeHelp) 
sig 3     X A897FD02 2003-02-03   Neil Williams (laptop) 
sub  2048g/AB55D8A0 2002-11-01 [expires: 2003-11-01]
sig         8F455606 2002-11-01  
sub  2048g/51A28915 2003-11-01 [expires: 2004-10-31]
sig         8F455606 2003-11-01  


Neil Williams

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