Error while decrypting

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Hi Folks,
Your help much appreciated !

Thanks Wren for your repsonse / is the details explanation of my
error ...

Server A and Server B used to send and recieve the files from each
other.Server A runs on Sun Soloris and Server B runs on  SunOS 5.9. Because
of business decision we had to move Sun soloaris to Windows NT platform in
server A.So we replaced Server A with new server which runs on Windows
NT.All the keys have been exported to new server.When Server B tries to
decrypt the file which was encrypted by new server , Server B is getting the
following error message.The error message is "gpg:
mpi too large (25161 bits)". We did not face problem until Server A is not
replaced with Windows NT.It worked fine with old server.

Please advice what could be the reason , any solution for that?


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Bhaskar.Karuppiah at wrote:
| Hi,
| When I try to decrypt the file I am getting the error message "gpg:
mpi too
| large (25161 bits)". Any help on this would be much appreciated.
| Thanks,
| Bhaskar.

You didn't specify which version/platform you're using, but check out:


Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)


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