gpg --list-sigs (root for other users)

gabriel rosenkoetter gr at
Thu Mar 4 20:35:15 CET 2004

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 05:14:10PM +0100, Albert wrote:
> How can root list or export the keys of 1 or better all user(s) on a 
> machine without su?

       --keyring file
                 Add  file  to  the  list  of  keyrings.  If file
                 begins with a  tilde  and  a  slash,  these  are
                 replaced  by the HOME directory. If the filename
                 does not contain a slash, it is assumed to be in
                 the  GnuPG home directory ("~/.gnupg" if --home-
                 dir is not used).  The filename may be  prefixed
                 with a scheme:

                 "gnupg-ring:" is the default one.

                 It  might  make  sense  to  use it together with

find(1) may also be of interest.

gabriel rosenkoetter
gr at
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