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> The arguments against >1024bit signatures basically boil down to... why
> bother, ugly signatures, probably isn't any point.  Really, then, why do
> we all use GnuPG/PGP?  For 99% of us, it's probably 80% coolness factor,
> with 20% paranoia/what-if/why not tossed in.  The very arguments I tend
> to hear against >1024-bit signature keys are the very arguments against
> GnuPG/PGP itself.  Why bother.  Ugly signatures.  Probably doesn't
> matter anyways.
> Even if it's mostly coolness-factor causing you to use it, my
> suggestion: if you're going to use it, then USE it.  And lobby, as
> users, for the algorithms, protocols, and standards that offer real
> protection.

damn good point.

now, if DSS/DSA was modified to handle 4K keys and 0.5K hashes, that would
give us what, 5-6 lines of signature? i can deal with that....

OTOH, just because it's possible to use 10K+ keys, at ~some~ point even
the clinically paranoid user would say "that's too big." DSS/DSA doesn't
currently suffer from a "that's too big" problem, since 1K keys are on the
low end of what's currently considered to be a prudent key size.

since you mention lobbying for the algorithms, protocols, and standards
that offer real protection, i'll ask the list, again, what's the current
status of DSS/DSA variants that allow larger keys and hashes? when will
this become a standard that can be used in "end products" like gpg? should
the current openPGP draft be including a "reserved" status for such


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