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Neil Williams linux at
Wed May 5 19:46:27 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 04 May 2004 2:05, Bill Turner wrote:
> Currently I have a P-300, 128MB, 6GB, 

That doesn't leave you a lot of room - that's less than 3Gb each with swap?

Time for a second hard drive?

> and running W98SE and Vector Linux 
> 3.2 in dual-boot.  Right now I am still in the process of getting the
> Linux side all properly configured and for the moment am doing almost
> everything on the W9x side of things.  I would like to change that.

> 1.  Is there another util other than gpgshell which will run on both W9x
> and Linux?  GPL would be best.

Mozilla and are fairly unique in running on multiple platforms, 
most other programs don't. Doesn't look like gpgshell does either.

> 2.  If not, can someone recommend a good 'general gnupg' util, with
> similar functionality to gpgshell, for the Linux side of the box?

So that's a GUI shell on top of GnuPG for Linux. That's OK, almost exactly the 
same functionality as gpgshell comes as standard in KDE 3.2 using KGpg. You 
need a fairly recent KDE though. KGpg is KDE only. KDE does not run on 
Windows 95/98/NT or OS/2 (yet). To run KDE, you need to have a UNIX system. 

There are other GUI frontends for Linux, see the gnupg documentation:

> Lastly, I intend to install Mozilla on the Linux side of the box in
> fairly short order.  Does anyone know of a 'quick and mostly painless'
> way to 'import' the w9x settings, email, and so forth to the Linux side
> of the box?

Linux will normally mount the windows partition for you and Mozilla will 
import it's own settings from the windows files. Make a note of where these 
are stored on your windows system before you boot Linux.

The keys can be imported by GnuPG, using the appropriate --import and 
--import-ownertrust commands. Make sure you use --export-secret-keys when 
exporting or you'll lose the ability to sign, edit or decrypt. Then use 
--export-ownertrust and redirect it to a file.
gpg --export-ownertrust > trustfile.gpg

Make sure you then test your gpg installation, make sure you can encrypt and 
decrypt as well as sign and verify files, then delete the exported files - 
you don't want your exported secret key file hanging around!


Neil Williams
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