unknown decryption error messages

Hunter, Bryan Bryan_Hunter at archway.com
Thu May 6 00:08:56 CEST 2004


Please excuse the previous double posting.  The 2nd listing was actually
sent about 14 hours before the first one arrived.

Can some one describe the procedure for converting the imported key pair
(abc) into the natively created key pair (wwxxyyzz).  Presumably this
involves some way of signing the secret key.

	--verbose --list-secret-keys

sec  1024D/E7F90291 2004-05-04 abc <abc>
ssb  2048g/CF8E4F56 2004-05-04

sec  1024D/D9B508FE 2004-05-05 wwxxyyzz (wwxxyyzz) <wwxxyyzz>
sig 3       D9B508FE 2004-05-05   wwxxyyzz (wwxxyyzz) <wwxxyyzz>
ssb  2048g/1F4732CF 2004-05-05
sig         D9B508FE 2004-05-05   wwxxyyzz (wwxxyyzz) <wwxxyyzz>

The original problem is still some issue with decryption - possibly having
to do with the sign bit on some size field.

	gpg: onepass_sig with unknown version 201
	gpg: [don't know]: invalid packet (ctb=43)
	gpg: mpi too large (56839 bits)

Best Regards,
Bryan Hunter

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