Key expiration in PGP (CKT)

Neil Williams neil at
Tue May 11 13:52:27 CEST 2004

Jens Kubieziel wrote:

> Hi,
> my Key 0xEE0977E8 had an expiration date which I changed last year. 

pub  1024D/EE0977E8  created: 2002-08-23 expires: never      trust: -/-
sub  2048g/49D77ABE  created: 2002-08-23 expires: never
(1). Jens Kubieziel <jens at>
(2)  Jens Kubieziel <kubieziel at>
(3)  Jens Kubieziel <lugjena at>

> Now I
> had a keysigning with a pgp 6.5.8-ckt user and he told me, that my key is
> expired. He fetched the key from different servers and "all keys" showed
> as expired. 

Ha! You can tell him he should use a working keyserver instead of all 
the broken ones out there!

Tell him to use or (where I got your 
key as shown above, valid and unexpired)

> Do you know if this pgp version couldn't handle the changed
> expiration?

Get him to check with a working keyserver first, some versions of PGP 
might not be able to cope with keys where the expiry date of the key has 
been changed - but it's not your fault. You've got loads of signatures 
on that key, if he can't sign it, it's up to him to upgrade his PGP or 
keyserver options.

> Thanks


Neil Williams
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