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Thanks for those who responded re: utils for W9x and Linux (GUI type)

This is kinda funny really.  I had come to the conclusion that really
6GB wasn't enough to effectively utilize two different OS's.  Not to
mention the whole 'dual-boot' bit was getting to be kind of a PITA.
Decided to go 'W9x' only and went to restore the partitions the way
they were.  I'd used FIPS and it had worked just fine when I tried it
before.  Not this time.

The main W9x part with all my email and settings was absolutely beyond
use.  Corrupted.  Badly.  No idea how it happened but it sure did.
Luckily for me I had a Linux CD (Vector Linux 3.0) readily to hand so
I rebooted and installed that alone.  Felt pretty good too.

I've managed to make quite a bit of progress.  Mozilla, Enigmail and
GnuPG were the first things I installed.  In the process of d/l'ing a
bunch of updates since this version is a couple years old.  Well.
That's fine though.  It works.  I had really forgotten how very
pleasant it can be to have a massive download going on in one desktop
while I'm browsing the 'net and doing email in another.  The system
doesn't even hardly notice.  Windows?  I would never dare try that.
It would just lock up.  Too many BSOD's for me.  I've heard of people
that claim to have never had one but I have my personal doubts about that.

Anyways.  To bring this more or less back on topic I have already been
to the gnupg site and started looking at some of the frontends for the
gpg program.  In the process of getting GNOME and KDE more up to date
and then will see what's what.  IceWM is my preferred window manager
though so will see if I can find a way to use something 'lightweight'
on the GUI.

Having way too much fun is...


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