file types for textmode and armor

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Oct 14 18:33:33 CEST 2004

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 23:36:21 +0200, Dirk Traulsen said:

> 1. --textmode specifies a file as textfile, so while decryption
>    gpg can adjust the end-of-file characters fitting to the 
>    actual system.
>    What kind of files are candidates for --textmode?  

None.  Better don't use it at all for plain files.

> 2. When sent per e-mail, what kind of files could need armoring?
>    How are they specified? 

Use PGP/MIME as specified in RFC3156
> 3. Does armoring a detached signature .sig file with 
>    "gpg -ba file" make sense?

Yes if you want to write some instructions into the file; they are not
protected by the signature but may give the user a hint waht this file
is about.

> 4. In the gpg man-page under EXAMPLES there is "gpg -sb  file".
>    Why is it not just "gpg -b file"? Is there a difference?

This is common to pgp 2 users.

> 5. Is there a place where I could find in-depth information
>    about gpg? I read the man-page, the manual and what I could
>    find on the net, but it is mostly for beginners. 
>    (Still thinking of myself as one, but trying to learn more...)
RFC2440 describes the protocol and thus many of gpg's fucntions.



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