Compiled gnupg-1.2.6 Successful??? - Indeed

Servie Platon servie_tech at
Fri Sep 17 04:51:13 CEST 2004

Hi folks,

Just to give an update on the issue of idea.c. I am
happy that by following the instructions of Johan
below made my gnupg signing work. Thanks a lot Johan
and Aleksandar on your help guys.

BTW, I have some follow-up questions to you folks.
Since I created, 2 or 3 public key signatures which
shouldn't be the case. I wanted to get rid of the
other two public keys that I won't use? 

Would it be appropriate to just delete the files
straight up or simply revoke the keys first then
delete both private and public keys?

And final question, since I can now automatically sign
 using gnupg for my private email address. Would it be
possible for me to do this too on my yahoo account? I
have a notion since this is a public email or webmail,
one can only do as much by editing yahoo's account and
manually copying your pub id to it? Is there a way
that we can train, firefox or mozilla to do that

Thanks in advance. 


--- Johan Wevers <johanw at> wrote:

> Servie Platon wrote:
> >So far, I only find these two in the cipher dir.
> >idea-stub.c  pubkey.o        idea-stub.o
> Yes, idea.c isn't distributed with the default
> ditribution due to patent
> problems. The file can be downloaded from the net. I
> have placed it on
> . The
> signature file from
> Werner for this file is
> .
> >Does this mean that it couldn't be done
> automatically?
> You'll have to place the file there by hand. Then I
> think a make distclean
> and a recompile are needed,
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