Compiled gnupg-1.2.6 Successful??? - Indeed

Johan Wevers johanw at
Fri Sep 17 08:54:45 CEST 2004

Servie Platon wrote:

>Since I created, 2 or 3 public key signatures which
>shouldn't be the case. I wanted to get rid of the
>other two public keys that I won't use? 

Are you talking about keys of signatures? In both cases
holds: if you didn't upload them to a keyserver, you can
simply delete the key/signature. If they are already on a
keyserver, there's no way of getting them off and you'll
have to revoke them.

>And final question, since I can now automatically sign
>using gnupg for my private email address. Would it be
>possible for me to do this too on my yahoo account?

I don't know how this works from a Yahoo account. For webmail,
I usually paste the signed and/or encrypted text in the edit
window, and prepare it in a xterm and I'm happy with that
procedure. Now I admit I only use GnuPG for encryption of mails
(I usually also sign my encrypted mails but not always) and this
doesn't happen too often.

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