Compiled gnupg-1.2.6 Successful??? - Indeed

Servie Platon servie_tech at
Mon Sep 20 02:04:00 CEST 2004

Hi Mr. Wevers,

Thanks a lot on enlightening me on certain issues
about gnupg and its features.

Again, thank you Sir.

--- Johan Wevers <johanw at> wrote:

> You, Servie Platon, wrote:
> >1. Yes, I have created a several key signatures in
> the
> >process and testing gnupg and following the
> >instructions on the manual. I'm not sure though if
> >simply deleting them off from my home directory
> would
> >solve the problem.
> If they are not on the keyserver it would. Then you
> can edit the
> key and delete those signatures.
> >2. How do I put my key on a keyserver like that of
> >verisign or other key servers out there?
> RTFM: gpg --send-keys, when you have a keyserver
> defined
> in gpg.conf.
> >3. This is somewhat related to number 2, from
> school,
> >our instructor mentioned that we can setup to be
> our
> >own private key server, hosting our own public
> keys,
> That's true. You can find the keyserver software
> somewhere (I don't
> have the URL ready at hand now), install it and run
> it. This does
> require a machine with permanent internet access to
> be usefull.
> >just like what you have right now.
> I don't run a keyserver. I just put those keys on my
> website
> as ASCII exported textfiles.
> >Is this true? If so, can I safely do this setup and
> >coincide with my apache server project of mine
> which
> >is for hosting my personal/family site?
> You can export the public keys and put them on a
> website.
> >we were strongly told from school that limiting
> >services running on your host box would definitely
> >limit the chances of getting compromised.
> That's true. If you run Apache on an always-on
> machine, I would
> check the securety patches for it frequently if I
> were you.
> >Do I have to allocate one box for this purpose or
> just
> >simply pasting my public keys on a public key
> server
> >would do the job?
> It would, that's what the keyservers are for.
> >$ gpg -armor --export servie_tech at Then I
> >copy paste on this email message which gave me a
> >public key block.
> This will give you all keys with email
> servie_tech at in
> one block. If there are more keys with this email
> and you want
> to separate them you'll have to specify the keyID of
> fingerprint
> instead of the email address.
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