Compiled gnupg-1.2.6 Successful??? - Indeed

Johan Wevers johanw at
Mon Sep 20 00:20:58 CEST 2004

You, Servie Platon, wrote:

>1. Yes, I have created a several key signatures in the
>process and testing gnupg and following the
>instructions on the manual. I'm not sure though if
>simply deleting them off from my home directory would
>solve the problem.

If they are not on the keyserver it would. Then you can edit the
key and delete those signatures.

>2. How do I put my key on a keyserver like that of
>verisign or other key servers out there?

RTFM: gpg --send-keys, when you have a keyserver defined
in gpg.conf.

>3. This is somewhat related to number 2, from school,
>our instructor mentioned that we can setup to be our
>own private key server, hosting our own public keys,

That's true. You can find the keyserver software somewhere (I don't
have the URL ready at hand now), install it and run it. This does
require a machine with permanent internet access to be usefull.

>just like what you have right now.

I don't run a keyserver. I just put those keys on my website
as ASCII exported textfiles.

>Is this true? If so, can I safely do this setup and
>coincide with my apache server project of mine which
>is for hosting my personal/family site?

You can export the public keys and put them on a website.

>we were strongly told from school that limiting
>services running on your host box would definitely
>limit the chances of getting compromised.

That's true. If you run Apache on an always-on machine, I would
check the securety patches for it frequently if I were you.

>Do I have to allocate one box for this purpose or just
>simply pasting my public keys on a public key server
>would do the job?

It would, that's what the keyservers are for.

>$ gpg -armor --export servie_tech at Then I
>copy paste on this email message which gave me a
>public key block.

This will give you all keys with email servie_tech at in
one block. If there are more keys with this email and you want
to separate them you'll have to specify the keyID of fingerprint
instead of the email address.

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