having trouble with encrypted mail - thunderbird, enigmail, gnupg

John Clizbe JPClizbe at comcast.net
Wed Sep 22 23:44:09 CEST 2004

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Ed Stafford wrote:
> I am new to PGP and GNUPG.
> Can anyone tell me how to decrypt/read encrypted email messages.
> I have two mail addresses that I am experimenting with on seperate
> computers.
> I have created a key for each address and exported public keys that
> were then exchanged, imported and signed.
> Then I tried sending signed mail using the recipients pub key...That
> worked fine

Signing uses YOUR private key. Just like decrypting messagess sent to you.

> But if I encrypt it with the recipients pub key, I cannot read or
> decrypt it using the recipient email account on the other computer.
> I can read signed mail with success, but trying to decrypt encrypted
> mail returns an error that there is no secret key available.
> I have not found any information on the web to help me.

When you exported keys, did you export the secret keys also? Are the trust
settings correct on all the secret keys?

This sounds like a problem with your GnuPG keyrings rather than anything
dealing with Enigmail and Thunderbird. But there is also an Enigmail list,
Enigmail at mozdev.org.
Subscription info @ http://mozdev.org/mailman/listinfo/enigmail

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