gpg 1.2.6 fails to create ~/.gnupg on Solaris

Alexander Nouak nouak at
Fri Sep 24 10:39:31 CEST 2004


this is IMHO a serious bug I reported weeks ago but never got 
confirmation from the developers whether They see this as a bug and 
whether or not they are working on a fix.

Meanwhile you need to create the ~/.gnupg directory yourself. Then 
change to the directory of the source and copy g10/options.skel to 
You might want to delete the first three lines of the gpg.conf, so open 
the file in a text editor and remove them.

Now you're done. At the next start of gpg the necessary keyfiles should 
be created.


Project admin of MacGPG

Am 24.09.2004 um 9:47 Uhr schrieb Lee Johnson:

> Hello:
> I have just installed GPG 1.2.6 in a Solaris (5.8) environment using 
> 2.95.3.  I ran into only one problem during the compile (a "Bus Error"
> message on every invocation that went away when I took out the
> --enable-m-guard option).
> However, gpg fails to create a ~/.gnupg directory for users.  It lists 
> off
> a few errors about failing to create temporary files and then 
> terminates
> on any command that would write to the directory (like gen-key).  If I
> create the directory manually everything seems to be fine.  Now, I know
> GPG creates the directory automatically in Linux, so why the 
> difference?
> Is this a known issue with GPG on Solaris, or could other things also 
> be
> wrong with my install?
> (Creating ~/.gnupg is not the issue ... the issue is that I now do not
> trust my install to function properly.)
> Thanks
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