gpg 1.2.6 fails to create ~/.gnupg on Solaris

Lee Johnson jleejj at
Fri Sep 24 09:47:42 CEST 2004


I have just installed GPG 1.2.6 in a Solaris (5.8) environment using GCC
2.95.3.  I ran into only one problem during the compile (a "Bus Error"
message on every invocation that went away when I took out the
--enable-m-guard option).

However, gpg fails to create a ~/.gnupg directory for users.  It lists off
a few errors about failing to create temporary files and then terminates
on any command that would write to the directory (like gen-key).  If I
create the directory manually everything seems to be fine.  Now, I know
GPG creates the directory automatically in Linux, so why the difference? 
Is this a known issue with GPG on Solaris, or could other things also be
wrong with my install?  

(Creating ~/.gnupg is not the issue ... the issue is that I now do not
trust my install to function properly.)


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