having trouble with encrypted mail - thunderbird, enigmail, gnupg

Ed Stafford estafford at pixelengineers.com
Fri Sep 24 01:33:06 CEST 2004

Well, I think I solved this one.
After I exchanged keys, apparently the secure ring for one of the
accounts dissapeared, [????]
I have no idea how. I did a --list-secret-keys and it said there were

I recreated the keys, exchanged them again, and now it is working.
Thanks for all the suggestion..

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

 > Ed Stafford wrote:
 >> I can read signed mail with success, but trying to decrypt
 >> encrypted mail returns an error that there is no secret key
 >> available. I have not found any information on the web to help
 >> me.
 > Have you checked that you have correct secret keys installed on
 > both computers?  Have you checked that you encrypted with correct
 > public key?  You need public keys A and B on both computers, secret
 > key A on coputer A, and secret key B on computer B.  Than on
 > computer A you encrypt with public key B, and on computer B you
 > decrypt with secret key B.   You can check what secret keys are
 > installed with gpg --list-secret-keys.  You might also want to
 > check trust relationships. If you were exporting/importing keys,
 > you might need to set trust manually using gpg --edit-key keyid,
 > you usually want to set your private/secret keypair to be
 > ultimately trusted.  Trust is not exported/imported with a key.

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