GPG 1.4.1 over 1.4.0a upgrade

Sean C. C. scc4fun at
Thu Apr 7 16:46:13 CEST 2005

I'm going to upgrade my GnuPG from 1.4.0a to 1.4.1. When installing 
1.4.0a I used the instructions from It has come to my attention 
that the installer for 1.4.1 uses this same pattern. My question is if I 
install it right over my old one should I be concerned about my keyring 
or binary or anything like that getting erased/becoming corrupted?

I'm using Thunderbird 1.0.2 / Enigmail 0.91.0 / GPG 1.4.0a (currently) / 
WinXP Pro SP2.

Thanks in advance,

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