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Thu Apr 7 18:01:42 CEST 2005


I am currently experiencing something very weird with libgpgme 1.0.2 on 
Debian (unstable).

I have checked my own source quite thoroughly and it does exactly the same 
as the example t-encrypt-sign in the libraries source distribution but it 
does not work. What happens is this:

  1. in the whole process no error occurs until I try to call
  2. gpgme_data_seek returns with the error message
     'Unspecified source: Invalid argument'
  3. The output buffer seems not to contain no data at any time

And now comes the weird thing:
  1. I got the libgpgme source, did './configure && make' and
     started 'GNUPGHOME=. GPG_AGENT_INFO= ./test/gpg/t-encrypt-sign'
     --> result: this worked quite fine
  2. I compiled t-encrypt-sign.c manually and linked it against my
     systems library running the command
     'gcc -lgpgme  t-encrypt-sign.c -o t-encrypt-sign'
  3. now 'GNUPGHOME=. GPG_AGENT_INFO= ./test/gpg/t-encrypt-sign'
     returns the message
     't-support.h:56: Unspecified source: Invalid argument'
     and nothing works any more.

What is going on here?! I have been looking into this problem for quite a 
few hours but I can't get nowhere. :-/

Does anyone have some hints what could be wrong here?



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Version: 3.12
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