potentially serious problem (was Re: WinPT on Windows NT problem)[C

Johan Wevers johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl
Sun Apr 10 23:42:10 CEST 2005

Timo Schulz wrote:

>Then I guess the easiest way is that I remove the 'supports 95/NT'
>string because I expect at least an average PC system. And this means
>at least ME and a recent Explorer version.

Hmmm. I see win98 still being used a lot, but ME was such a crappy version
that I rarely see it. Win98SE is often installed when refurbishing old

>> It's not ok to list SHELL32.dll v4.32 or later as a requirement for
>> running a program.

I see no problem with this. For the windows newbee it would be helpfull
to add that it will be installed with IE v. X.Y.Z.

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