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Ok, thank you for the help.

El Sábado, 16 de Abril de 2005 09:24, Erpo escribió:
> On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 20:41 +0200, H wrote:
> > Is that forced in this case? is not enogh to be sure about her identity?
> > I am forbide to sign by the gpg rules?
> There are no hard and fast technical "gpg rules" that specify when you
> should and should not sign someone else's key. If you sign a key when
> you shouldn't, or if you don't sign a key when you should, the system is
> not likely to come crashing down. The very worst that can happen is that
> someone will believe that you have bad key signing judgement and decide
> to trust you less.
> The simple explanation is that when you sign someone's key, you are
> saying that the information attached to the key describes the person who
> holds the associated secret key. So if the key is associated with the
> name "Clare Apellido" or just "Clare" and you know that the key belongs
> to someone with that name, you can go ahead and sign the key. If the key
> has a photo ID attached, so much the better.
> Eric
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