Retrieving signature from message that was encrypted and signed in one step

Atom Smasher atom at
Tue Apr 19 02:10:18 CEST 2005

On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, Patrick Chkoreff wrote:

> I have a message that was encrypted and signed in one step.  When I 
> decrypt it, I can read the message and see that the signature is valid. 
> So far so good.
> I would now like to relay this message to a third party so he can verify 
> the signature too.  But as far as I know, GPG has no way to do this.
> Can GPG do this?  If not, why not?  Is this lack of ability actually a 
> feature?  I suppose it could be a feature, because this gives the sender 
> a way to prove to ME that he signed something, without giving me a way 
> to prove that to anyone else.
> Is that the reason why what I want to do is not possible with GPG?

there's no reason it can't be done, but i don't know of any application 
that can do it.

for now, the only way to do it is to extract the session key from the 
message (--show-session-key) and send that along with the encrypted 
message to your 3rd party. they can use "--override-session-key" to 
decrypt the message and verify the signature.

in most cases the session key should be encrypted (to your 3rd party), 
because anyone who gets a hold of the session key can read the message.


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