Rescue secring

Erpo erpo41 at
Wed Apr 20 21:51:30 CEST 2005

On Wed, 2005-04-20 at 00:16 +0200, Philipp Neuhaus wrote:
> Does gpg have a fault-tolerant mode or do you know about any keyringtool
> that may repair my dumps?

My sympathy goes out to you. Most people don't back up, probably because
of the disparity between hard drive sizes and backup media; I know I
don't want to make a stack of 40 DVD-Rs every week. Once in a while we
all get bitten.

As for your GPG problem, I can't offer you much help. I remember hearing
about a feature that would help you regenerate your public key from your
private key, but you're going to need your private key in order to do
that. You're probably not going to get your keys back.

As far as generating and passing out a revocation, it's probably not
necessary. All a revocation does is tell poeple who have your key not to
trust any further messages signed by that key, and you're already going
to be able to do that when you start distributing your new public key to
your friends.


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