Cant create directory error

Peter Jones pete at
Tue Apr 26 10:53:28 CEST 2005

On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 05:32 am, Henry Hertz Hobbit wrote:
> I don't know whether he has Apache in a default config on a 'nix box
> or what.  I am assuming he has some version of 'nix with the word
> "root" in the lines.  If it is a default config, then he has an Apache
> user:

Indeed.  I seem to recall an early install using "nobody" -- but maybe I'm 

And yes, I too assumed a *nix environment from the mention of "root".  In 
a Windows (NT) environment, Apache runs as a "local system account" -- 
presumably its own account -- and will not have access to anything 
specific to another user's account (ie, "My Documents" or whatever) and, 
depending on LAN configuration, may not have access to network drives.  
It can, of course, be configured to login under any account name you 


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