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Tue Aug 2 23:50:37 CEST 2005

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Ricardo Maciel wrote:
> Anybody could help me with the steps to convert my Linux GnuPG private
> and public keys to be useful on Windows (explorer, outlook) too?

Copy gpg.conf and *.gpg from your GnuPG home directory on your Linux box
(~/.gnupg) to the GnuPG home directory on your Windows system

If you would like right-click Explorer extensions, you'll need to install
either WinPT of GPGshell. I prefer GPGShell.

There is an add-in for Outlook/OE called outlgpg. Can't expand more as
I've never used Outlook/OE.

Good luck,

- -John

[*] %APPDATA% typically expands to "C:\Documents and
Settings\<username>\Application Data".

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