Extra information in public key

David Srbecky dsrbecky at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 23:19:01 CEST 2005

John W. Moore III wrote:
> David Srbecky wrote:
>> And even if there was a giant site where I could enter all I
>> wanted, I would still prefer to have everything saved on one place, in
>> one public key. (But if there is such site, let me know !!! :-) )
> How about a personal WebSite with a link to it in your "Comment Line"?
> I can't remember if Google offers this or not, but Yahoo does and an ID
> on Yahoo would make Membership very easy for Yahoo Groups (PGP-Basics,
> PGPNET, etc).

The site would have to be:
  - standard site used by many users - not personal site.
  - easy to parse - not the fancy HTML yahoo stuff
    (to ensure data can be automatically fetched to MUA)

Let's take a look at your signature: :-)

> --
> My Website:  http://home.joimail.com/~johnmoore3rd/

Your website - if it was in your public key, MUA could automatically add 
it to your card in address book

> Gossamer Spider Web of Trust:  http://www.gswot.org

> Open PGP Key:  http://tinyurl.com/5ztc6

Your PGP key URL - if it was in your public key, GnuPG could use it to 
update your key without wasting keyserver bandwidth.

> Encrypted Email is a Courtesy & Appreciated!!

Your encryption preference - if it was in your public key, MUA could use 
it to automatically decide whether to encrypt mail to you.

Just imagine that: My mom installs Thunderbird (in my dream with 
Enigmail integrated) and *just* sends you mail. Thunderbird looks up 
your e-mail on keyserver, downloads your public key, finds that you like 
encrypted mail and therefore encrypts the mail before sending. Wow!, my 
mom just send you an encrypted mail and does not have a clue what 
encryption is!

... that's my dream


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