Extra information in public key

David Srbecky dsrbecky at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 22:44:11 CEST 2005

>>Is there is way of publishing additional information on the keyserver?
> Only in small chunks.

Please continue... how?

"User Attribute" comes to mind, but I can not find the specification.

>>Some things I would like to publish are:
>>  - The 'usual' stuff - aka ICQ servers or company vCards
>>  - Whether I prefer to receive encrypted mail or not.
>>  - Whether I prefer to receive signed mail or not.
>>  - How I want to be send signatures - MIME / inline.
>>  - URL to my public key (to remove refresh load from keyservers)
> I still don't see the point

The points are:
  - Provide some information about me - Why do people provide extensive 
info at ICQ? This is the same.
  - I do not want to annoy people and I do not want people to annoy me. 
Telling someone whether you like signed/encrypted messages helps.
  - The same holds for your preference of format.
  - Keyservers are not-profit - every bit of bandwidth we can save them 

> A better idea would be to simply put all the details you want on Biglumber 

I already have Biglumber account, but I just can not enter all the suff 
above. And even if there was a giant site where I could enter all I 
wanted, I would still prefer to have everything saved on one place, in 
one public key. (But if there is such site, let me know !!! :-) )

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