[outlgpg] Outlook 2003 problems

R. Jensen listreader at rhjensen.com
Wed Aug 10 20:37:00 CEST 2005

Richard Sperry wrote:
> The issue you have is caused from the newer version of
> GnuPG.  Timo is doing a great job of writing a newer
> version, but with all new releases it takes time to
> find the bugs. 
> for a working beta of my Ol03 installer goto
> http://www.sperryservices.com/gnutools.htm
> The installer takes care of some of the OL issues and
> uses the .94 plug-in for stability. 
> It also has Winpt for keymanager, GnuPG 1.4.2 and
> GpgEE .  I have tried to write it stupid friendly so
> everything is set in theroy.  For security reasons  I
> set the keys and conf into the userdocs. I recomend
> using EFS if you are on XP Pro.  
> I would like any feedback you have.
> --Richard Sperry
I looked at the page you mentioned and was curious about:

   Please note that if you are connected to a Corperate Network
   or Exchange server, you MUST contact your IT or ADMIN before

Is this a licensing issue?
My Outlook 2003 is connected to my employer's Exchange server.
That's the only reason I even use Outlook.  :-)

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