legal status of GnuPG in China?

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Wed Aug 24 19:19:19 CEST 2005

On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Anonymous Sender wrote:

> Does anyone know the legal status of GnuPG in China?

IANAL, but it seems that GnuPG/PGP would require a license for use. i 
would think that it would be easier to get a license (if any are actually 
issued) if the stated use was signing and authentication, rather than 
encryption (then encryption is merely a built-in feature, not a core 
feature for your use). then generate an RSA "signing" key that is capable 
of both encryption and signing, but do NOT create any encryption subkeys.

it really makes me sick that the US is doing everything it can to export 
jobs and money to china (my gripe is with the chinese govt, NOT the 
chinese people). just remember, next time you buy some piece of crap at 
wal-mart and it says "made in china", part of the money that you're 
spending is to buy bullets to shoot people who are caught using crypto (or 
practicing religion).


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