Janusz A. Urbanowicz alex at
Thu Dec 1 16:11:36 CET 2005

On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 08:33:07AM -0700, Kurt Fitzner wrote:
> I am contemplating a change to my GnuPG Explorer Extension, but I need
> some background information.
> I know that encrypting a file without signing it is commonly done with
> symmetrical encryption.  My question is, do people commonly use GnuPG to
> encrypt a file without signing it using PK-encryption?
> Personally, I don't think this would be very common at all.  I mean, I
> can come up with conceptual reasons why someone might want to encrypt a
> file to someone else's key without signing the file, but in practice I
> would think it would be very rare.
> I would appreciate knowing if this is something that is commonly done,
> or if it is very rare.

This is routinely done when file is encrypted for storage - instead of using
password which might get forgotten and is problematic for shring, file is
encrypted with keys of persons that are allowed to decrypt it, then stored.

This is done for files like backups, source code archives, etc.

mors ab alto 

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