Automation advice wanted

Duell, Bob bob.duell at
Thu Dec 8 18:59:42 CET 2005


Can anyone recommend a book or article with very simple instructions on
using gpg in a work-group environment?  I've searched many places,
including FAQs and past messages, but I still have many questions.

Our group regularly uses gpg to send files to various external vendors
and suppliers, using that recipient's public key.  We've all done this
individually, importing private keys into our personal keyrings (on a
UNIX server).  However, our group has grown such that it's becoming
difficult to manage the process, especially sharing the public keys of
target recipients.  

Incoming files also are encrypted with public keys created by
individuals, keys which must be exchanged privately.  Also, one external
sender may deal with many individuals in our group, so they end up
managing multiple keys to send data to us.

I am considering creating a "public" keyring for our group, one into
which I can import the keys for "registered" recipients.  I can define
the "public" keyring directory and file as global read/execute; users
would refer to the public ring using the "-keyring" option.  One in our 
group would be the designated "key master", responsible for maintaining
the keyring.

Although I've read about keyservers, I'm not sure we can use them here.
At any rate, I'm looking for a very simple solution.

I'd also like to create a master keypair for the group, a single key
that can be use by everyone sending files to us.  I was thinking a UNIX
script could be used to handle signing and decryption, thereby
preserving the secrecy of the passphrase.

I'd appreciate any advice, and most especially any examples!



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