Signature has algorithms

Christoph Anton Mitterer cam at
Mon Dec 19 21:56:40 CET 2005

David Shaw wrote:

>>Was I wanted to know was: How can I get new subkey binding sigs for my 
>>subkey (new: with more recent creation time, and of course with the 
>>"better" hash algorithm)?
>You can't, without hacking GPG to do it.  It's easier to just make a
>new subkey.
Ah,.. too bad :-/
I've read some emails from a guy here that currently seems to do some 
hacking with gpg, perhaps he can help me (@Chris: plz contact me 
directly as I'm not subscribed to the list).

btw: It's pretty bad that one can't change the preferrence settings for 
his subkeys (or is this possible?). I'm havin a key with one email (UID) 
for different roles. But each role is using a different encryption 
subkey. Now in the office my machine is very slow and if someone sent me 
a big encrypted file (for the office subkey),... it takes very long. So 
it would be nice if one could specify these things for the keys to 
(perhaps in the selfsigs of the subkeys?)


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