Creating a RFC3156 compliant encrypted message with Gnu PG

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Fri Feb 4 23:09:46 CET 2005

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mconahan at wrote:
> Does anyone know how to create a RFC 3156 compliant PGP encrypted 
> message with Gnu PG?  I am building an app that is making use of the Gnu 
> PG functionality, and I am having some trouble getting other PGP apps 
> (said to be 3156 compliant) to accept it.  I have read both RFC 3156 and 
> 2015, and I seem to be missing something, since it isn't working. 
> Does anyone know of tutorial site, or has a script that creates a RFC 
> 3156 compliant message?  Any help would be appreciated.

Check the source code for Enigmail or Mutt.

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