Howto multiple mail accts.

Toni devegades at
Sat Feb 5 09:26:41 CET 2005


I'm new to gpg and have some doubts I could not google. Please direct
me to a FAQ /  HOWTO / etc if such document exists:

I have several mail accounts, some personal, some for work, etc.  I
have seen three possibilities to deal with this:

- Add multiple UIDs to my main key
- Have multiple signing subkeys
- Have secondary "complete" keys signed by my main key.

I've been reading the pros/cons of each aproach and can't make up my
mind to what is the best approach.

Right now I thinnk the best would be to have a main key, with no
e-mail at all and use this to sign other keys, one for each mail

What do you think?

Thanks for answers,


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