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On Sat, 5 Feb 2005, Toni wrote:

> I'm new to gpg and have some doubts I could not google. Please direct me 
> to a FAQ / HOWTO / etc if such document exists:
> I have several mail accounts, some personal, some for work, etc.  I have 
> seen three possibilities to deal with this:
> - Add multiple UIDs to my main key
> - Have multiple signing subkeys
> - Have secondary "complete" keys signed by my main key.
> I've been reading the pros/cons of each aproach and can't make up my 
> mind to what is the best approach.
> Right now I thinnk the best would be to have a main key, with no e-mail 
> at all and use this to sign other keys, one for each mail account.
> What do you think?

if it's no secret that all of the accounts belong to you, then a single 
key with multiple UIDs is probably the best thing. it's certainly the 

if you don't want people to immediately know that all of the accounts 
belong to you, then use multiple keys.

i have 3 keys that are publicly distributed. one for business and 
professional correspondence, one for casual correspondence and one for an 
address (read: identity) that i don't share with too many people.

on my casual correspondence key i have 2 UIDs. it's no secret that i 
control both of those mailboxes.

if your multiple accounts require your key(s) to be stored on machines 
that you don't own/admin (such as a company computer) then you should 
consider multiple keys/subkeys.

if you decide to use multiple subkeys this might help -

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