"Malformed user id"

"Thomas F. Düllmann" thfrdue at gmx.de
Sat Feb 5 16:31:20 CET 2005


|You wrote:
|>>everytime I want to encrypt any file/text following error message is
|>>"malformed user id"
|and Werner replied:
|>You used an empty string for a user ID (recipient or signer),
|>it does not match the syntax for a keyid or similar.
|Amen to you not providing the actual (even if you obfuscate
|the User ID stuff).  For example, if I do a "gpg --list-keys"
|I get the following two entries:
|pub  1024D/83E13389 1999-09-18 CeTro <troutman at mesh.net>
|sub  2048g/B0759308 1999-09-18
|I can encrypt a file named "Crypt.txt" with the following
|command for "CeTro" with any of the following commands (one
|good example is priceless):
|gpg -a --encrypt -r CeTro < Crypt.txt >  Crypt.txt.asc
|# or
|gpg -a --encrypt -r 83E13389 < Crypt.txt > Crypt.txt.asc
|# or
|gpg -a --encrypt -r troutman at mesh.net < Crypt.txt > Crypt.txt.asc
I tried to encrypt it, but it just created a file named Crypt.txt.asc
, but then the same error message occured ("Malformed user id").

|The -a option (armour) is necessary to send the email to somebody
|else, since it makes the output in printable ASCII characters.
|Don't worry about all of the above three files being different.
|Each time you call GPG, you end up with different encryption
|because the random_seed keeps changing.
|If this doesn't clear it up for you, let me know, but I suspect
|it will make EVERYTHING clear.

It's clear to me how it works, but it doesn't as i want. I always get
this errormessage.

Please help, don't know what to do now

Email: thfrdue at gmx.de

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