unable to execute program `gpgkeys_hkp': Permission denied

Stewart V. Wright swright at physics.adelaide.edu.au
Thu Feb 10 23:58:05 CET 2005

G'day David,

Second thoughts on the RPM problem...

> 1) File location problems.
> This new spec file installs the gpgkeys_* in /usr/libexec/gnupg/ as
> one would hope, but gpg looks for them in /usr/libexec/gnupg/gnupg/!

I've just remembered that I can get 1.4.0 to install in a non-standard
directory and it works fine (just compiling by hand), so this
definitely looks like a problem with the arguments to configure and
make in the .spec file.  *NOT* a problem with keyserver/Makefile.am
like I suggested before.  I'll claim that it was a lack of coffee that
caused my mistake! 

I'll have a play around with the spec file and make some more
suggestions over the next few days.


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