Unable to Sign Packages

Joseph D. Wagner technojoecoolusa at charter.net
Mon Feb 21 10:36:58 CET 2005

While attempting to sign an RPM package I created using the command:

rpm --addsign _packagename_

I got an error message saying the pass phrase is invalid.

I deleted the contents of the ~/.gnupg directory, which should have completely deleted the key.  I generated a new key using the command:

gpg --gen-key

and entered "123" as the passphrase.

No effect.  I still get an error message that tells me the pass phrase is wrong.  I know I'm typing "123" correctly, so what else could be set incorrectly that would give me this error message?

~/.rpmmacros is as follows:

%_signature gpg
%_gpg_path /home/joseph/.gnupg
%_gpg_name Joseph D. Wagner (For Use with Fedora Core 3) <email at address>


Joseph D. Wagner

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