gpg141rc1, and rc2 home directory problems

Frank Hubeny FHubeny at
Mon Feb 21 13:52:07 CET 2005

Hello Group;

I have found a possible problem with the two release candidates for

It has to do with the home directory.  If I uninstall 141, and then
remove the home directory.  When I reinstall the program and try to make
a key I get a error about no directory available.

I found that the uninstaller does not remove the registry entries for
141.  If I uninstall gpg141, remove the home directory, then remove the
registry enties for gpg141.  Then I can reinstall gpg141 and the home
directory is installed at installation.

Small problem I know.  But many Window users will not clean up their
registry, it is sort of a no no for most users who are told not to do so
unless they know what to remove, and how to do so.

The work around I found is to just add manually the directory and then
all is well.

Frank Hubeny
RMA Technician
Manufacturing Dept.
Witt Biomedical Corp.
800.669.1328 ext. 179
fhubeny at

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