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Fri Feb 25 22:13:11 CET 2005

Hi Markus,

On Friday, February 25, 2005, at 12:57:26 PM PST, you wrote:

> well, tried out the bat! first, then enigmail... now I'm using
> mutt... guess why :-)

Well, I've tried Mutt (in Linux), along with all sorts of other email
clients in both Windows and Linux, and I've come to the conclusion
that I'll use a particular email client first and foremost *because of
how it can handle email*, then I'll decide the best way to use GnuPG
and/or PGP with it.

Since GnuPG can be dealt with via command line and/or third party GUI
front ends in Windows, and like PGP, can be used with any email
client/text editor regardless of integration/plug-in status, I'd much
rather stick with an email client I feel is the best for my *email
management*, and use GnuPG or PGP with it in whichever way works best
after that. Seamless email client integration with GnuPG or PGP, or
the lack thereof, is not enough of a reason for me to switch to a
different email client. :-)


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