useless test keys and keyservers

Randy Burns minnesotan at
Mon Feb 28 05:18:02 CET 2005

Hash: RIPEMD160

Hello Jason,

I wish all pgp keys could automatically be purged from keyservers
on the anniversary of their creation. Then, key owners would know
that obsolete keys will eventually disappear, and know when their
actively searched-for keys (fresh keys as well as freshly-revoked
keys) need to be uploaded again--always just after the
anniversary of their creation. That way, key uploads get spread
throughout the whole year. Wouldn't that be a good thing?


Sunday, February 27, 2005, 5:06:23 PM, you wrote:

> People, please don't upload useless test keys like the one
> shown below to keyservers.  Clearly, this tester didn't even
> bother to search for information on this subject before sending
> this key to (an SKS server).

> Also, please refrain from creating test keys to check their
> propagation through the synchronizing keyservers.  If a key is
> missing from any particular keyserver which is otherwise
> well-synchronized, one cannot determine the cause without
> reviewing one more more log files on one or more keyservers.

> Thank you.

> pub  1024D/A7B58AD1 2005-02-27 TestKey3576 (multisubkey test)
> <testkey3576 at>      Key fingerprint = 5187 8E72
> 3EF1 D072 E4B7  06D3 FF23 DE7D A7B5 8AD1 New!  attempt to
> lookup keyholder on sig  0x13  A7B58AD1
> 2005-02-27  [pkey expires 2005-03-02] [selfsig] sub
> 1024g/18935DD5 2005-02-27 [subkey]      Key fingerprint = 6A33
> C42A 4D99 ECE1 5E94  44E8 588D CFA0 1893 5DD5 sig  0x18
> A7B58AD1 2005-02-27 [skey expires 2005-03-02] [keybind, hash:
> type 2, 19 66] sub  1024D/D0B614E8 2005-02-27 [subkey]      Key
> fingerprint = 89F1 2C9D DA78 5B50 1B47  2B92 2793 F402 D0B6
> 14E8 sig  0x18  A7B58AD1 2005-02-27 [skey expires 2005-03-02]
> [keybind, hash: type 2, 64 27] sig  0x18  A7B58AD1 2005-02-27
> [skey expires 2005-03-02] [keybind, hash: type 2, 19 66]

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