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David Calvarese dhcalva at
Mon Feb 28 15:33:06 CET 2005

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Randy Burns wrote:
> Hello Jason,
> I wish all pgp keys could automatically be purged from keyservers
> on the anniversary of their creation. Then, key owners would know
> that obsolete keys will eventually disappear, and know when their
> actively searched-for keys (fresh keys as well as freshly-revoked
> keys) need to be uploaded again--always just after the
> anniversary of their creation. That way, key uploads get spread
> throughout the whole year. Wouldn't that be a good thing?

How about just purging a Key that's had no activity in X amount of time,
say Six months?

On a side note, does anyone know of any way to get Thunderbird (And
presumably other email clients as well) to reply to the list address
instead of the person writing the email for this list?  This seems to be
the only one I'm having a problem with.

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