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Neil Williams linux at
Sun Jan 2 11:15:16 CET 2005

On Sunday 02 January 2005 2:54 am, Jean-David Beyer wrote:
> > You're on the list, it would be useful to sign your messages to the list.
> I guess so, but I use the mailer in Mozilla, and I can never find a
> version of enigmail that works with the Mozilla I have.

I've got Enigmail working with Mozilla and Thunderbird. Check that out, it 
should work and it can work.

> Yes: I still cannot get used to the fact that on this mailing list if I
> click "Reply" it replies to the person, even though I got the e-mail from
> the list. I wish it would not do that. The other mailing lists to which I
> subscribe reply to the list.

This list is using the usual behaviour of GNU/Linux mailing lists, it's not 
unusual at all. The other lists you describe are probably hacking their 
config to satisfy requests like that - the discussion is as old as the list 
and I don't see either position changing.

Mozilla doesn't handle it as well as some others, KMail handles it perfectly.

Reply on this list, and KMail replies to the list because the folder is 
configured that way.

> I see there is a *Mail-Followup-To: gnupg-users at* header, but not
> the usual *Reply-To:* My guess is that Mozilla honors Reply-To but not the
> other.

Try reply all.

> > The best way of getting your key in use is to use it!
> >
> > :-)
> Yes, but other lists complain bitterly if messages are signed.

Tough! I sign everything - especially on lists where it annoys OE users. I use 
it to make a point.

Use a different email address for lists with lots of OE users and then you can 
configure that account to either not sign or to sign in the deprecated inline 
format that will break occasionally.

I have linux@ for GNU/Linux lists that have a propensity for GNU/Linux email 
clients, I have a different account at the same domain for lists with a 
propensity of broken MS email clients.

> > Get across to biglumber (URL in my sig) and enter your key. That will at
> > least make it clear to others in your area and allow you to see who else
> > is interested in your locality. See if your local LUG has keysignings,
> > get along to a nearby Expo or conference. These things take time and you
> > can't expect signatures to drop out of the air.
> I have entered my key on biglumber in the past. Also, you and I have
> exchanged keys, even though you are unable to say if I am who I say I am.

?? I've had your key in the past, yes, we haven't exchanged keys in the sense 
of fingerprints for a keysigning.

> No good. If I sign e-mail to AOL users, and include any attachment of any
> kind, they cannot handle it because AOL's brain-damaged e-mail software
> assumes all attachments are of the same type.

Sign inline. How often do you send attachments anyway?


Neil Williams

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