Issues with adding UID's

Patrick patrick.brunschwig at
Sun Jan 2 15:40:03 CET 2005

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I have found two issues related to adding UID's:

1. If I have a key with no UID explicitly set as primary UID, then
adding a UID will set the new one as 1st UID. I would have expected the
original 1st UID to stay at position 1.

2. Following scenario: I have 2 computers, both using the same secret
key. Now, I add a UID on the 1st computer. I export the new key (both
secret and public key) and import both at the second computer. The new
UID appears correctly on the 2nd PC, but when I use "gpg --edit-key ...
toggle", the new UID is not visible. Furthermore, I cannot use
"gpg -u <new-uid>". I have done some testing, and found that the new UID
is only "fully" available if I first delete the secret and public key
from my keyring and then import the updated key.

I think both issues are bugs, or do I miss something?

- -Patrick
Version: GnuPG v1.4.0 (MingW32)
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